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Entrepreneurs' Perspective
"Normally venture capital investors' major role is to provide funds for supporting ventures. GCP, particularly Osawa-san, has played a key role not only continuously investing AMEC but also helping position AMEC in the semiconductor market. Osawa-san helped us to invite the most reputable industry executives on our board and advisory board, to communicate with customer top executives and government officials, and to develop close relations with customers." -Gerald Yin
Chairman of the Board & CEO
"Verient offers compelling products to financial institutions around the world. Koji and the GCP partners have been invaluable in opening the doors to our potential customers, business partners and investors. Any entrepreneur will be lucky to have GCP as a partner and champion!" -Rajesh Shakkarwar
President, CEO & Founder
"SoundHound offers technologies and products with global markets. Since the very beginning GCP has helped us expand our operations and reach to other countries. With GCP's help, within a few months we had a subsidiary in Japan, a strong presence in China, and relationships with various organizations in multiple countries." -Keyvan Mohajer
CEO & Co-founder
"I've had the pleasure to work with Kamran and the GCP team since Actelis was founded. All along, my company and I have enjoyed the support, guidance and vast operational experience of Kamran and the team on almost every front, from financial support and leadership in good times and in difficult times, help in recruiting senior people, introductions to high level contacts with customers and partners, to personal coaching with Kamran. GCP and the team feature a unique combination of individuals with global experience who have a vast network of powerful contacts and operate in a non-formal entrepreneurial fashion that encourages openness and innovation, and who would save no effort to help their companies achieve their goals. Working with GCP has had a major role in my company's success. I highly recommend GCP to any entrepreneur." -Tuvia Barlev
Chairman & Co-founder
"GCP and Vijay Parikh have played a key role in the creation of Newport Media and in building its differentiation strategy. Vijay also played a key role in the expansion of Newport Media in Korea and the acquisition of one of the leading SW companies there." -Mohy Abdelgany
CEO & Founder
Newport Media